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Commented on Beauty in leather.. about 5 years ago
Long time ago, but Tnxx anyway. Nevertheless, I still like it
Commented on [Old Version] Lars' Ultralight Ultimaker XY Blocks over 5 years ago
Love these:-) I'll print them this week for an Extended Ultimaker. There is already a request for 8mm crossrods. Are you planning to do so? Would the original files be obtainable? You'll get them back when changed. Otherwise I'll have to redraw your design:-) Tnxx
Commented on reclining cane almost 7 years ago
Hey Mastercaster, I love your idea, tnxx for sharing.Did you alter standard support to print it? It's a pity nobody is sharing their prints and experience with 165 downloads:-( I definitely will! I was looking for a nice concept to print in bronze, so I would like it to happen without misprints preferably. I hope you still follow your project automatically after a year...
Commented on Ultimaker laser cut drawings about 8 years ago
It seems to me something is wrong with some of the files. De CDR is as far as I can see (no suitable program here:-) ok. The AI sticks in a loop while downloading and the PDF shows only 2 panels completely and a chunk from the page above. For now, thanks for sharing.
Commented on Ult-shirt about 8 years ago
Every sewing shop should sell it, if not in your neighborhood, let me know. Btw, the other file is a 2D file FYI and can be used with a vinyl cutter. A few fablabs have one or more of these machines. Make use of the special type of vinyl that is fusible on fabrics either. No fuss with vlieseline, just be careful with the iron. The trick is to stick it first by tilting the iron and put it down on another spot, rather than moving it until it sticks enough before the logo is misplaced. A fablab in Amsterdam called ZB45 has a special heating machine for this purpose. Maybe it will work with a heated printbed also. What about out of the box thinking:-D
Commented on Ult-shirt about 8 years ago
I've tried that and it is not a succes though:-( You have to iron a second layer on the backside of the T-shirt that's called "vlieseline" in Dutch. It is a white thin fusible interfacing that makes the pliable fabric stiff. When you're done, you can remove the layer by carefully heating it again with an iron while pulling. When done on a light color you can see ugly dark spots beside the pla. And you have to limit the layers as much as possible, no brim off course, only 100% cotton and a lot of guts:-) The soft pla doesn't work at all on a dark fabric. Once there was a kind of fluffy stuff applicable on textile that became fluffy when heated, but whit the soft pla only the outside is rough and that doesnt look nice. Besides that, the word Ultimaker isn't readable.
Commented on Old German DB train turn table about 8 years ago
Hey Ian, how many Ultimaker2's did you buy last week? Keep the train going...
Updated Ulticontroller-like box. about 8 years ago
Commented on Ulticontroller-like box. about 8 years ago
You're welcome and tnxx. If you ain't dispensing a lot of power, the SSR can be taped at that position with double sided tape.&nbsp;<br>If nescesary there's space to mount an aluminium &nbsp;coolerplate at that side of the box.&nbsp;
Updated Ulticontroller-like box. about 8 years ago
Published Ulticontroller-like box. about 8 years ago
Commented on Opel Kadett Rallye Badge about 8 years ago
Beautyfull looks! Did you scan and convert a photo or imported the JPG and draw nicely along the contours? I assume the characterset wasn't standard? I made one for a Opel Kadett C City junior by hand......If we had the Ulti......:-D Nice Job.<br><br>Update: I see you traced it indeed,...That's a lot of work.
Commented on Volume-Voronoi Yoda by Dizingof about 8 years ago
Love this kind of work. Thanks. I'll have to dig in this stuff:-)
Commented on Filament Duck about 8 years ago
She really looks nice, but what did you do to prevent the filament from interweaving into itself? Imho you should put some sort of clip on to it, so one can can assure it from releasing several roundabouts and giving it a change to glide over or under another string. The first time this happened to me was in a Fablab and ik spend a lot of time trying to unleash some of the other spoolholders. Years ago we had several knitting machines and it got clear to me, it's not the spooling itself or taking wathever amount of it. It is the trick to keep it like it is the moment you stop. Don't try to fasten it farther than it is at that moment and surely don't let it unroll. So in my opinion, you need some sort of clip to fixate the filament the moment you stop and take the holder to another place. I love your design and would like to print it out, but with some alterations, because of: <br>- the clip I mentioned before (I make use of the holes in de outer border of the spool, but you have to bend the filament to avoid slipping and have to heat it (pla)&nbsp;to avoid breaking or take a rather large amount , but thats not handy)<br>- I want to rewind some of these spools and need a 8.5mm hole in the center to be able to assemble some kind of turnaround mechanism <br>- I my self use Ultimaker filament and the spools are slightly different:-) 200 x 53mm with a center hole of 53mm <br>- Can you take a picture of the center? From here it's not clear how it looks like.<br><br>Would you be so kind to make at least&nbsp;&nbsp;the adjustment to the original cadfile for the use with Ultimaker (and other)spools? Or even the file itself?<br><br>Keep up the beauty
Commented on Beauty in leather.. about 8 years ago
Loaded the final cut. I'm satisfied with the result. These are new prints, because due to the fact the ink, silver- and goldpaint I dyed the leather with, I've used to prepare the leather also to be able to shorten the wet production time. The stamps didn-t like that though. The surface solved and sticked to the leather and broke. These ones are more rigid and the result is perfect.
Commented on Ult-shirt about 8 years ago
The event has been ok, even without the shirts:-) No problem at all. I wanted to make a stamp with the logo and all of the available logo's were to small. Thanks for the file. I hope to show you the results soon. 3D fever keeps changing plans every now and then. Did the chocolate answers to its reputation?-) H
Commented on Ult-shirt about 8 years ago
Hey Charlotte, downloaded your files, but have to wait until tomorrow before I can print it. Tnxx, will show the result soon.
Commented on Beauty in leather.. about 8 years ago
Thank you. Much obliged:-) It is almost impossible with such fine tools to keep it simple. Added a few pics, what do you think? Made a minddazzling mistake....Drawing is to big to print in one piece, so I cut the leather also.....:-((( Well ok, it's the idea that counts. Two different approaches, draw it, take a picture, convert and print. I'm busy with another idea, but it is a challenge to draw in Solid Works. I'll have to ask Daid for a solution in Cura....