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3D Challenger


Hello! Miki here. For me 3D modeling is the ability of seeing simple geometrical shapes in complex structures. My goal is to show how You can have fun with 3D modeling while using only iPad and little 3D printer. For CAD modeling I use Shapr3D app. When it comes to more organic shapes I prefer Nomad app. I hope You will enjoy my content! If You want to 3D print some of my models check below what files I have already tested and uploaded: My YouMake profile My Thingiverse profile My PrusaPrinters profile Don't forget to visit my Instagram here: If You like my content please consider buying me a coffee 😋


3D design, juggling

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  • Ultimaker 2 Go
    Utm2 go small

    Ultimaker 2 Go

    Ultimaker 2Go

    It's very compact but precise 3D printer ... and looks good so it's nice decoration of my studio as well ;)