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<p>@smartfriendz</p><p>I love the project and I am currently in preparation of building one myself.</p><p>I believe I found a couple of bugs in the new v1.2 JCAD file when creating a custom version:</p><p>1. When using a 'Box wood thickness' greater than 15, the '// xtra save material' option for the 'bearingsXY' part will generate the hole so, that it is breaking the part.</p><p>--&gt; workaround is to comment line 582 in the JSCAD file like this:</p><p><b><i><small>// xtra save material &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; //cylinder({r:_XYrodsDiam,h:Y,fn:_globalResolution}).rotateX(-90).translate([27,0,20]),</small></i></b></p><p>You will now lose the hole of course, but the print will be much stronger.</p><p>2. When exporting the 'parts only' stl file, the 'motorXY' parts are not included.</p><p>--&gt; this can be fixed by adding the following lines (lines 1281 and 1282 from case 1 = 'all printer assembly' view) beneath line 1347:</p><p><i><small><b>motorXY().translate([-_globalWidth/2,-_globalDepth/2,_globalHeight-20]).setColor(0.3,0.9,0.3),</b></small></i></p><p><i><small><b>motorXY().mirroredX().translate([_globalWidth/2,-_globalDepth/2,_globalHeight-20]).setColor(0.3,0.9,0.3),</b></small></i></p><p>Both lines were missing in v1.2 so the 'motorXY' parts were not rendered in the 'parts only' view (= case 3).</p><p>Keep up the good work!</p>
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<p>Thank you for these pins, great idea! The M8 bolts were the only parts of the bom I was missing for now. Now I won't have to source them anymore.</p>
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