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  • Prusai 3
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    Prusai 3


    Extended i3, 200x300x200mm Glass Bed Hardened Steel Nozzle 0.4-0.2mm Flexible & Exotic Ready


Favored Herb Grinder over 3 years ago
Favored Dodecahedron over 3 years ago
Commented on Egg over 3 years ago
Nice dual strude!
Contributed on Toothless Herb Grinder - Shredder 2.0 by 420ThreeD over 3 years ago
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Printed on:
Wanhao Duplicator i3
Bamboo from ColorFabb & Ebony from FormFutura. The black case needed some sanding & polishing, then lubing with hemp oil to get a good turn. The black wood expanded quite a bit when printing, which was not solved by altering the extrusion multiplier, sad face. ShredderCards available here:
Followed danial over 3 years ago
Published Toothless Herb Grinder 1.0 by 420ThreeD over 3 years ago