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First time ever 3D printing... this was something I've wanted to make for a very long time - thank you!!! Sleeve was great but shaft just snapped off at top section. Going to try to reprint with more shells & greater infill w/hex pattern. Also, my pasta maker also has only 2 (rather than 4 nubs similar to Joe Mirabeile's) so I had to sand off 2 of the nubs. Was hoping to not use screws on the pasta machines because I'd need 5 separate sleeves for each pasta making tool or side (pasta maker has 2 different sides to use, ravioli maker, etc.)

Printed on MakerBot Replicator
Contribution to Kitchenaid <-> Pasta Roller coupling


Printed on Ultimaker 3 Extended
Contribution to Smart One Handed Bottle Opener

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Good design, some adjustment were needed.

Printed on sys 3d
Contribution to wind propelled rotation for GoPro

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