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Hello there! I have a background in design, cad/cam/cae, cnc, robotics, aerospace, electronics, software and web development. I have some marketing skills too. I have been 3d modeling for over 20 years. My 3d printer has blown my mind. I feel like a machinist again. I spent many years developing leading cad/cam software for the industry. I wrote a lot of post processors and slicers back in the day. Five axis milling, post processors, edm, laser cutting,... I thought those days were over when I left the field for my own business. As a kid I used to build things. Then I started making tools that make things. I started leading people. I think making stuff is fun and rewarding and I want the generation to prosper by bringing manufacturing back to the united states in a big way. I like to influence and inspire people and using my skills again building ideas and moving the needle forward. If you have a big bold idea then I am on your side. I hope you will join me in starting the next industrial revolution. May the force be with you.

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