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The NavLab is a digital manufacturing community workshop specialized in maritime projects. It is a mix between a FabLab, a coworking open space and a nautical laboratory.

There you can use 3D printers, digital laser cutters and CNC milling machines, among other high tech equipment to work on your projects, using the dedicated openSpace or individual workshops depending on your needs.

Like other FabLabs (or »fabrication laboratories »), it aims to provide a place for meeting and sharing knowledge about digital manufacturing technologies, while providing workspace and tools. It is openned to all, to experiment, learn, build together and share each other skills.

Whatever your level of technology and your projects are, you can come to the NavLab to « learn by making », using tools such as 3D printers, digital milling machines, laser cutting machines and other computer controlled tools, working with wood, fabrics, plastics, paper and even metal.

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