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Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm 32 years of age. You can purchase the original Sun UV lamp from the official distributor in Ukraine directly through our website. Our website SunUV Ukraine will give you an array of quality products for sale at an affordable cost. From the most popular and well-known models, such as Sun One to the latest innovations. Our website Let's dive deep into the past. Nail drying lamps were expensive and heavy in the beginning. They weighed upwards of 2 to 3 kg and took up a lot of space. Because the price of biting them was not affordable for everyone the need to change the bulbs in the lamp and do it yourself was not simple. In the end, the design was designed to ensure that replacement had to be completely disassembled the device. UV Led lamps have replaced conventional UV lamps for nails. UV Led technology allows drying any material quickly and effectively which includes all kinds of gel polishes bagels, and other materials to lengthen nails. The material was quickly polymerized over two minutes just as before. In the span of 10 to 15 seconds, led lamps were used to light the nails. Many people now know that the manicure lamp is a part of SUN. It does not often do girls walk in and ask for the lamp SUN. This company was the first to create a wide range of diodes that dry nails quickly and offer security. For the common person, there's not much difference in the lighting source, cold or UV in front of him, the main thing is to dry nails quickly, and the result is a stunning and long-lasting manicure. The price of gel nail polish lamps is decreasing with the advancement of technology. Now, they are available for those who want to paint their nails. If you're faced with the question of choosing an efficient and reliable lamp for drying gel nail polish, as well as other substances, you will need to pay attention to a few factors.
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