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Commented on Alternative UM2 Feeder - version two about 1 year ago
Hi Nathan, that spring is not sold separately as a spare part. However I am sure we have them lying around on the "scrap heap", so if you send me your address in a personal message, I would be happy to put one in an envelope and send it to you. Kind regards, Bas
Commented on Bowden tube Y-splitter almost 2 years ago
Hi, I used this for some experiments quite a while ago. I can't remember that I did any special cleanup. I do remember that I printed it at quite a low layer height to get it as smooth as possible. I also printed it in Nylon and not in PLA (see remarks about friction under materials & methods). If it doesn't work, you could also try to enlarge the inner diameter slightly. If you don't succeed at that with the STEP file, I could see if I still have the native file. Enlarging the inner diameter in the native file should be easy. Good luck! Kind regards, Bas
Updated Bowden tube Y-splitter over 4 years ago
Commented on Bowden tube Y-splitter over 4 years ago
Yes, it could. You would need 2 extra material feeders though. I made this design to enable someone to do 2-color printing through 1 nozzle on an Ultimaker 3. In this case we just used both material feeders that are already available on the machine. The goal was to do very precise dual color printing and by using this solution we did not have to calibrate the x-y offset between the two nozzles: we simply printed both colors through the same nozzle.
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