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  • Ultimaker 2
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    Ultimaker 2

    My Ultimaker 2

    This is my back up printer for times when my Type A Machines Series 1 Pro printer is busy with long prints.

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    Type A Machines Series 1 Pro

    This is my main printer. My Ultimaker 2 is my secondary.


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Published Tool Tray about 5 years ago
Commented on Aluminium-Frame for the Ultimaker almost 8 years ago
Excellent work! As I lack the equipment to make it myself, I sorely wish somebody would sell this frame as a kit. I'd also like to see the z platform supports done in metal. Mine warps and twists every time the humidity changes, forcing me to re-level the bed constantly. Living in the desert, where the humidity ranges from 5% normal to 100% (when it rains) makes wood very unstable.