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Bill Pardo


Hello, I'm Bill Pardo. I'm happy to run my own business and to be part of such a wonderful community. I try to make sure that both employees and customers have memories to treasure. MightyCall connects us to clients without the requirement for complicated software or complicated interfaces. Treat small businesses well and it will reciprocate. You can learn more about MightyCall here https://www.mightycall.com/. What MightyCall is to me. Virtual telephone systems focus on the additional benefits they offer. You can choose between the standard package such as voicemail for your email call transfer, call logs, call screening call forwarding, address book, local numbers extensions for users toll-free numbers, automated transcriptions calling ID, business-SMS, menus, etc. You can also buy advanced features such as call recording. This allows you to monitor calls between your customers. Virtual phone systems offer you different ways to increase the efficiency of your business. Now that you know what a virtual phone system is and the features it can offer, let me tell you how you can obtain one for your company. The process is pretty simple and different from getting an old-fashioned phone system since it doesn't require waiting for someone to arrive and install it. You can upgrade these services to get more features. If you already have several phones, you are able to make use of this service on all of them; otherwise you can make use of these services using cell phones or an app. If you make use of mobile phones to build an online system, it is possible to make choices, like choosing where the call should go or setting a timer so that no one bothers you. You can also make personal calls to voicemail outside of working hours. You can access 24/7 customer support There's no downtime.

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