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Bombastus Hands


I'm here to share some of my Designs. Guess most will be handy or practical and also spare parts. But now and then maybe there will be something more creative. Oh and also if you want to see more art and hand crafts check #bombastushands on instagram :-) I'm sharing my work for free and if I do have any links, there won't be affiliates. If you want to support me in any other way, comment, share and like. Thank you so much :-)


3D printing, Art, Autodesk Inventor, CAD, Fusion 360, Inkscape, Mechanical Engineering, OnShape, Prototyping, Woodworking, creativity, laser cutting

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  • Prusai 3
    Reprap prusai3 small

    Prusai 3

    Anycubic i3 Mega

    All in all it's pretty much the original. I changed the drivers and added squash legs. Still there's something to do about the little wobble in z axis, but it's mostly alright so far.