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Commented on Low friction UM2 spoolholder over 2 years ago
Hi Is it possible to make Mount part (the one that attaches to the case of the printer) thinner therefore making the whole filament spool closer to the case of the printer?
Commented on Fan Mount (UM2 + Olsson block) about 3 years ago
I had the same problem as the other guy reported, that the had now hits the left and right sides. This was V4. Strange that you dont have that problem on your UM2 :) Wonder if there are different versions of UM2, should not be. Anyway I will print ver3 instead and try it out.
Commented on UM2 Head fittings nut over 3 years ago
It would be awesome to have the original SCAD or whatever file so we can edit the diameters of the holes. Thanks!
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