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Img 6060


Wind Turbine (with tutorial)

Printed on

ultimaker 2+


I struggled with stringing on the last bit of printing prior to the two wings connecting. I am wondering why there wasn't a support structure added to prevent the deflection of the structure. I tried to add support structures in Cura but was not able to make that work. Some other suggestions should be on the structure through the cross section of the main wing. It needs cross sectional support to add strength. (take a look on-line on what a spar looks like on real wind turbine blade. Also, the connection between the base that forms the hexagonal piece needs a longer length so that you can get more surface area in the connection. I am really excited to print this out and I think Valcrow's designs are amazing. I was hoping for more refinements from the user community and perhaps someone working to power this and improve the robustness so it could be used for real. I printed this one out on an Ultimaker 2+and used the 608 bearing design


Add support structure to between both wings to prevent deflection. Add a spar connection in the middle of the aerodynamic part of the wing to add strength to the cross section. Better connection on the hexagonal feature on the bottom and a longer connection to add more surface area. Is there any progress on making this into a workable wind turbine that generates electricity or recharges a battery