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Commented on Skylake delid tool almost 6 years ago
Hey Chri thanks for the really big help. an additional $8 will be added to the cost of 30% infill and with 3 perimeters. so that will be around $21. il post pictures the soonest it arrives. again thanks alot. its a big help. now i dont have to order it in ITALY. hahaha.
Commented on Skylake delid tool almost 6 years ago
Hey thanks for the reply. I recently inquired with a 3D shop printing here in the Philippines and its gonna cost me around 600 pesos( around $12-15 dollars without shipping) for both the base and halter in "standard quality" using PLA. what does it mean? and by the way is the 30% infill you mentioned the most suitable for this project? And should I just tell them to print "with 3 perimeters"?Im also assuming that they are able to have a 30% infill.
Commented on Skylake delid tool almost 6 years ago
Hi! is there any adjustments to be made on the chopper base or halter? or are the measurements on the downloadable files the best ones to consider?" For enough strenght print at least with 3 perimeters and 30% infill " do they have default perimeters and infill? or arethe files valued at 30% infill? and i would like to know what "parameter" means here. Im really sorry, im a noob. i am planning to 3d print this thru a shop. i just dont wanna cause damage to processors and waste money reprinting this tool so i want to know. thanks.