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Published Ultimaker 3 Print Core Rack 19 days ago
Contributed on Beyond UMO & UM2 Slideblocks by Gudo & Neotko - GT2 Open Belt 21 days ago
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Ultimaker 2+
Finally solved my backlash issues! I struggled with backlash even with a set of brand new UM belts/slideblocks. The internal spring doesn't seem to take up enough slack. I printed mine in CF Nylon for durability. I scavenged the bushings and belts from a set of UM slideblocks. Thankfully the S2M profile fit even though they're designed for 2GT.
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Favored Ultimaker 3 extruder lever mod about 2 months ago
Commented on Dampening feets for Ultimaker 2 & 3 2 months ago
Would it be possible for you to provide the STEP files or similar? I want to modify them slightly. I've found that the rear feet are tilting due to how the weight of the printer is concentrated on the feet in relation to the placement of the Sorbothane.
Commented on Nailing Assistance tool 3 months ago
@tonytitch you need to orient the object in your slicer so that the base is printed first, so 180 degrees. Then you won't have any unsupported parts to print.
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Commented on Spool holder for Clas Ohlson fruit dryer. 10 months ago
Could you post the files for the side panels that replace the dehydrator trays? They're shown in the pictures, but I don't see them in the documents. Thanks!
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Commented on UM2 minimalist front panel about 1 year ago
@Sisko4 You would need a 326x326mm panel.
Commented on UM2E+ Dry-Filament-Dispenser about 1 year ago
@rflynn per the description: "Feeding the extruder is a little different, because you can’t mount a spool, which is standard Ultimaker-size by-the-way," I've also used eSun spools in the dispenser which are taller than standard UM spools. I've found most standard spools fit, the main issue is the width of the spool. The extension pieces allow you to use wider spools, though.
Updated Filament Dispenser about 1 year ago