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David Hamilton was looking for a change when he joined us at Supercheap Storage; 20 years in the same industry will do that to a person. And with Supercheap Storage, David will definitely be getting a huge change, what with our revolutionary methods of self storage that is taking Australia by storm! As a manager in the Information Technology sector, David is familiar with running teams and his focus on people development and mentoring, he knows that it was only a matter of time before he answered the call to run his own business. He’s a funny guy, and most of his friends find him a fatherly figure especially with the amount of Dad jokes that he enjoys telling. And in the Self Storage business, that’s exactly the kind of environment we’d like to have at our self storage facilities. It’s a family-oriented kind of company where we try our best to help our customers however we can, especially when it comes to matters of the wallet! Using our online storage calculator, you can find out just how much our fees will look like before you even make a booking. Trust us when we say that there are no other services like ours at the rate that we charge because we have structured all of our options to meet you at whatever budget level you may have. With Supercheap Storage, you can opt for as much or as little help as you need. Our removalists are highly trained and very professional when it comes to helping our customers move, so whether you need them just to deliver our self storage units to your location, be it your home or your office, you can count on them to give you all the assistance that you need. And if you need a little bit more than a delivery team, you can inquire about moving and loading services so that you can really sit back and let us take care of things once you’ve hired out our self storage pods! These days as the prices of your household items increase, you need to make sure that your self storage company is committed to helping you maintain the quality of your items. Not only through superior handling and transportation but with our self storage pods that are made from plywood themselves, you’ll know just how we are able to provide you with that promise to quality. Inside our storage pods, air moves in and out of the wooden walls easily so that condensation and temperature fluctuations are barely noticeable and you’ll find that due to the nature of our storage pods, your items will be stored in the freshest environment possible!

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