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2017 Toyota Tundra Overhead Console Panel

A blank replacement panel for the overhead console of a 2017 Toyota Tundra.



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I wanted to replace the map holder in the overhead console of a 2017 Toyota Tundra with a panel containing switches. This is not the completed panel, but a blank to be used as a starting point for any replacement panel. There is some additional structure behind the factory panel, so there is a recess in the back of the panel for clearance. Note that the tabs on this panel are fairly thin, so care should be taken during cleanup and installation. Also note that two of the tabs are fixed, which should be the first tabs inserted during installation.

I did not radius the outward facing edges, as it is easier to sand the corners than to radius those edges in the model. As this is not the finished project, I printed this at medium quality and did not do any finish work on the print in the pictures. The print for the final project would be sanded smooth and painted to match the overhead console.

Materials and methods


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- Sliced with MatterControl
- Printed on Robo3d R1+ Using:
- Hatchbox 1.75mm PLA
- Medium Quality
- Standard Layer Height (0.2mm)
- Support
- No Raft



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