2020 Corner Bracket

20mm X 20mm Al Extrusion Frame Corner Bracker

3D printer parts and enhancements


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    A strong corner piece for building frames out of 2020 Aluminum extrusion. Each of the three pieces joined together by the part are contacted by three screws each in a triangular pattern. The part fits into the extrusion's slot for a tight secure fit. The screw holes are for M4 screws with hex socket head caps, there is a 2mm counter sink on each holes. One of the screw holes is for an M6, the hole on the end of the extrusion must be tapped for this.

    General Specs:
    - Print at 40% for Strength, PLA is fine
    - Layer height at 0.2mm for screw hole/countersink accuracy
    - M4 Metric Screws with 2mm Countersink
    - Channel slots for tight and square fit
    - M6 Metric screw for extrusion end tapped hole
    - Each Aluminum piece is contacted by three screws in a triangular patter for max rigidity

    Materials and methods

    Ultimachine PLA @ 200C 40% infill 0.2mm Layer height. Designed in OnShape



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