3D Printed Bike

So this is something truly new. From now on everybody can print their own bicycle frame at home. With some SolidWorks skills you can also make your own customized version for best ergonomic. Designed by Stephan Schürmann


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We have printed the parts with XT-CF20 on an Ultimaker Original Plus with a 0.8 Nozzle and 100% infill.

Print slow (35mm/s) to get good layer bonding.

The glue is a really nasty stuff, so we have invented a new glue distribution system. You need a 2k polyurethane glue syringe with a mixing nozzle. After printing the parts you stack them together with all the tubes and push the glue through the inlets between the tubes and the 3D printed parts. The runner system will guide the glue automatically to the right places.

Cad files can be found here:


Materials and methods

-Frame tubes
-bottom bracket
-bottom bracket housing
-M6 screw + nur for the seat clemp
-Handlebar (If you don't print it)
-These are the tube sizes that you need for this design:
-Head tube: D=36 d=34 L=180
-Seat tube: D=28.6 d=27 L=651
-Top tube: D=31.8 d=30.2 L=527
-Down tube: D=35 d=33,4 L=627
-Seat stays: D=16 d=14.4 L=581
-Chain stays: D=19 d=17.4 L=365



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Mini symbol colorfabbcolorFabb commented ago

Hi imaginables,

Yes, it takes quite a bit with a o.4mm nozzle, that's why we've been using a 0.8mm nozzle.

We've printed the parts with 0.27mm layer height and retractions set to on (4.5mm, 45mm/s).

All the parts are designed in a way that you don't need support in the slicer.

Please let us know how your prints are going!



Mini imaginables logoImaginables Australia commented ago

also do you recommend enabling retraction? with colorfab XT-CF20?

Mini imaginables logoImaginables Australia commented ago

been meaning to print this for a long time now. I finally got my steel nozzle for my UM2.

What resolution do you recommend I slice the files at?

I notice the files are designed in a certain way with what looks like the best orientation to print with integrated supports already in the files.

Are all the files able to print as it is? support free?

they are quite long prints at 0.2mm resolution at 100% infill

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Why? Why? Why?

0b2b72c3e4896579fa7b59e37e0769e8?default=blank&size=40Scipione205 commented ago

Hi, what about the frame tubes? Alluminum or stainless steel tubes?

Mini meJoris Peels published this design ago