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3D printed RC truck V3

Almost fully 3D printable RC truck with AWD drivetrain


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    Files can now be found at Cults3D

    The 3D printed RC truck, version 3.

    After roughly 12 months development, this is what has come of it!

    It's an almost fully printable RC truck with gearbox and AWD drivetrain.

    -Each differential works as a real one but you can replace the internals with
    "truckv3_axle_difflock" to have a locked diff with more grip.

    -It has two axles in the files, select the one you want.

    Axle1 has dual rear tyres, Axle2 has single rear tyres.

    Axle2 also has 2 choices in rims.

    -The frame can be printed in 2 or 4 pieces, depending on how big your print surface is.

    Use the "split" files if you have a small printbed.

    All you need to build this, besides a lot of filament, is screws/nuts, bearings and electronics.

    This was a huge project to develop and upload so please let me know if anything is missing or unclear!

    Assembly videos of most parts to aid you in building can be found on my youtube channel:


    2016-10-02 edit: Added truckV3_frontbumper

    Check me out at:

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/MrCrankyfaceProjects

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr.crankyface/

    3d hubs: https://www.3dhubs.com/malm%C3%B6/hubs/mrcrankyface

    Patreon: http://patreon.com/Mrcrankyface

    Materials and methods

    Everything except mudflaps and tyres can and has been printed in PLA plastic, printing the drivetrain in PETG/Nylon will make it a lot more durable.

    Tyres/mudflaps need to be printed in Ninjaflex or similar material.
    Tyres from Tamiya 1:14 scale trucks can also be used.

    This truck needs quite a lot of screws to be assembled.
    The totals is:
    8x M4x20
    37x M3x10
    15x M3x10(Counter sunk)
    72x M3x16
    27x M3x8(Grubscrews)
    22x 6700zz bearings
    16x M3 nuts
    2x M4 nuts
    3x 18mm long, 4mm rods.
    2x 80mm long, 4mm rods.

    I've done my best but these might not be 100% accurate so buy a few screws extra. :)

    You will also need:
    -Rubber bands for holding battery to the holder
    -Cable ties for cable management/securing components
    -Super glue for assembling flatbed and putting mudflaps on fenders



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    omg, the moment i see this i just had to build it!

    Heating up now!

    thanks for sharing cranky face

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    @Jordy: Thank you! That sounds awesome. :)

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    This rocks. So much in fact that we have decided to select it as our featured banner image for the coming weeks. Keep cranking out those awesome models ;)

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