3DRmega - the BIG RepRap Delta printer

It's a 1.8M tall RepRap Delta printer, printed parts and a simple frame - very strong and light weight.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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For more info take a look at this blog post - http://richrap.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/3d-printers-big-printers-small-printers.html

Outline (new) spec-

  • Bigger Motors - NEMA 23's
  • Bigger Drivers - Dedicated 3A 128microstep (prototype used normal Ramps and drivers)
  • Bigger Electronics - The great ARM based Smoothie board is being used for the (new) prototype.
  • Bigger Rods and Frame (10mm Rods and 30mm Aluminium box-section)
  • Bigger Printed parts - most parts are 100+mm is size (total printed parts weight is just under 2KG)
  • Bigger Print head / multiple / materials / feeds etc.
A set of 3DRmega 3D printed frame parts, just under 2Kg of filament used for these, they are also designed to minimize warp and maximise adhesion to the build platform.

The carriages snap-fit onto LM10UU Linear bearings and are running on 10mm smooth stainless steel rods, just like 3DR but bigger and stronger.

The arms are made from carbon fiber tent poles, cut to size and have an all metal universal ball joint fitted to each end. This allows the center carriage to move in any direction as each arm moves up and down.

Like the nano, but unlike the standard 3DR I have mounted the Motors at the top, this allows much more freedom for the design and flexibility of printing on almost any surface.

Design files! - where are the design files - hang on a little, I'll get them all up as soon as I can.

Materials and methods

Details to follow



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Do you have a version of the frame pieces that would work with 2020 extruded aluminum frame? I am in the works building a giant Delta and my friend sent me this link. I love the design of this frame much more than the typical triangle and how it utilizes much more space. Otherwise, do you mind if I make alterations to the files to make it work for the components that I have already purchased.

Let me know, Thanks!

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Have you made any prints with this yet?

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Is this ready to print and build im really digging it :)

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My bad sorry for the spam not really planned :D

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Hello where can i find some details about this printer (i need something accurate if possible) thanks :D

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What extruder did you use? Incredible design, BTW.

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Hi richRap,

Your design is very cool, I downloaded your designs but can not find the extruder, could you upload please?

Β  thanks for everything

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What is the max print job volume size?

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The 'Buildsheet' is in the form of a full 3D model of the printer - in Sketchup V8 format - it should explain most of the construction and assembly - It uses NEMA23 motors

1fe4421080fa8235137b3cb7f52d3b6d?default=blank&size=40coolreactions commented ago

Any chance of getting a build sheet with the parts listed?

Great work, I would love to build this. Thanks

Mini profile image mediumRichard Horne commented ago

Updated files, models and source is up - sorry for the delay.

Mini profile image mediumRichard Horne published this design ago