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A company that is dedicated to research, production, and trade in the field of advanced technologies is known as 3D-nano. The company maintains its own research and development laboratory, where it integrates patented solutions into high-tech products. In addition, the company offers customers the services of technical and scientific consultation in order to assist them in the incorporation of nanomaterials into novel products. In the Polish market basket random, 3D-nano serves as the sole and official representative of the German company Plasmachem. The range of cutting-edge nanomaterials that are included in the commercial offer totals over 140 different products. Most recently, the wares produced by the Spanish company Emfutur have contributed to the expansion of the nanomaterials supply.

In addition, GS-Glovebox Systemtechnik's glove box workstations are available to choose from among the extensive inventory provided by 3D-nano.
Elastomeric and conductive biointerfaces with native tissue-like mechanical properties are required for flexible electronics to function properly. The traditional methods for engineering such a biointerface involve combining conductive nanomaterials with polymeric hydrogels that are cross-linked using toxic photoinitiators. In some cases, these methods also involve the use of photoinitiators. In addition, these systems frequently exhibit a low level of biocompatibility and are subject to compromises in terms of both their conductivity and their mechanical stiffness when subjected to physiological conditions. We developed a class of shear-thinning hydrogels as biomaterial inks for 3D printing flexible bioelectronics so that we could address the challenges that have been presented here.


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