Issue Please provide STL files of "all" parts of Abacus drive #1

SamQ opened this issue on April 30, 2017 09:18

I would like to 3D print this Abacus drive, but not all parts are provided as STL files. You provide Solidworks files, but I do not have Solidworks since it is unaffordable for me. Please break up the Solidworks-based assembly file so the parts represented in that file can be 3D printed. There are ways to to this, but why go through the motions when you can easily provide a "full" suite of STL files enabling anyone to 3D print this drive without relying on any pricey CAD software?

Thank you.


    E885293da06b02259e440277619ddf5a?default=blank&size=40SamQ commented ago

    @jlisa1817 --- It's hard to follow what you are writing. When you write: "rendering to altered improved built-up systems"...altered how? ; built-up systems? ; too cryptic!

    When your write: "All systems are built on the same source" ; really have no idea what you are trying to convey. I'm not sure, but you might possibly be trying to imply the VIdeo Animation Studio might be able to 3D print this device.

    When you wrote: "produced by loading cover on coat"; what on earth are you trying to communicate?!; "though each in a touch different technique"; what "touch"?! ; what "different technique"??

    Thank you for attempting to be of help.

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