Adjustable Index Card Display

A display for 3x5 index cards - customized cards, or plain, old, everyday cards


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In our school's makerspace, we want to have students be able to "tell the story" of what they made to others, even when they aren't there in person to tell it to them. So we created this Adjustable Index Card Display to do just that via 3x5 index cards! It even has a place for others to leave the maker feedback on their creation via a "card canyon" that holds blank response cards and a slot on the back to place the completed feedback card. If you want to learn more about how this display stand is intended to function in our setting, please visit this Instagram post to read more about it.

In addition to printing the necessary components of the display stand, you will also need to have additional hardware to assemble it: (2) M3 10mm button head screws, and (2) M3 hex nuts.

If you don't want to use all of the feedback features that the display has, there are multiple versions of two of the major components for the display:

  • The frame itself has two extra versions, which are labeled accordingly. One that doesn't have any text on the back - in case you want to use it for something other than feedback cards. And one that doesn't have any features on the back of the frame - in case you just want to display an index card.
  • The card canyon has just one extra version, also labeled accordingly. The extra version does not have any text on it, in case you want to add your own text... or you just don't want any :-)

Lastly, there is no need to even print the card canyon if you don't want to. We testing the display using just the two legs and it stood up just fine. You can see an example of this assembly in one of the last pictures posted above.

Materials and methods

This display stand was designed to be printed using no supports. One of the pictures shows what the completed print looks like just after I removed it from the bed of the printer, so you can imagine how I set them up in Cura for slicing.

A brim was certainly needed to keep the tall parts from dislodging from the bed.

Don't forget that you will need the additional hardware to make this stand work
* (2) M3 10mm button head screws
* (2) M3 hex nuts

The following video ( shows an animation of the assembly and disassembly of the stand.

Finally, the slot that holds the index card on the front of the slot is deep enough to allow a thin piece of plastic to be inserted in order to act as a cover to the written card, should you desire such extra protection.

I used Fusion360 to model the mount, and I've generated a link to a page where you can download it:

It is designed parametrically, so if you want to make adjustments to the various parameters, you are welcome to do so. (Please adhere to CC licensing I've assigned to this model.)

Of course, you don't have to use the parameters at all if you don't want to! :-)

Also, the timeline that I used to create this model is not the most organized. I should have created some groups, or moved some actions around to make it simplier to follow, so my apologies to those of you that open up the file to work on it yourself... and then realize what a "tangle mess of spaghetti" I've left you with :-/

If you do make some changes, please share your remixes with me and the rest of the community here. I'd love to see the adaptions others come up with, and ways you make this design even better!



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