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Alesis DM10 Module Mount Arm

Lets you move the module frame mount from the cross tube to a leg tube.


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This Mount arm allows you to move the mount from the cross bar to the leg support.
my print came out fine and works great. if I needed to reprint again I would change the module mount hole to 9.75 and sand to fit. I did do the print test with PLA, then ended up using PETG.on the actual print. I printed this laying down, hole opening up. only needs a min. of supports where the shaft goes into the frame mount. set random line changes otherwise you will end up with a weak point. placing the Module where shown in picture has so cleaned up the spider web of cables.

I'm working on a remix of this with a locking system for Module hole.

I suggest printing the test file first.

Module mount hole #1 r=9.75
used in my file. > #2 r=9.8

#3 r=9.85

stub for mount #1 10.75/10.75
used in my file. > #2 11/11

#3 11.25/11.25

Test Print:

// Mod Test Hole 1 : r=9.75
difference() {
translate([0,0,0]) cylinder (h = 5, r=13, $fn=100);
    // r= inside hole size
translate([0,0,0]) cylinder (h = 26, r=9.75, center = true, $fn=100);}

// Mod Test Hole 2 : r=9.80
difference() {
translate([30,0,0]) cylinder (h = 5, r=13, $fn=100);
translate([30,0,0]) cylinder (h = 26, r=9.80, center = true, $fn=100);}

// Mod Test Hole 2 : r=9.85
difference() {
translate([60,0,0]) cylinder (h = 5, r=13, $fn=100);
translate([60,0,0]) cylinder (h = 26, r=9.85, center = true, $fn=100);}

// Test shaft
        translate([0,30,0]) cylinder(5,10.75,10.75,$fn=100);
        translate([30,30,0]) cylinder(5,11,11,$fn=100);
        translate([60,30,0]) cylinder(5,11.25,11.25,$fn=100);

Mount Arm:

difference() {
// Module Mount Hole.
translate([0,0,227])rotate(a=[90,0,0]) cylinder (h = 25, r=14, center = true, $fn=100);
// Module Mount Hole cut out. change hole size below r= and r= in the last line needs to be the same.
translate([0,0,227]) rotate(a=[90,0,0]) cylinder (h = 25, r=9.8, center = true, $fn=100);}
// Mount Shaft 11,11 above and 11,12.5 below if a different size is needed. change only 11 numbers.
translate([0,0,45]) cylinder(18,11,12.5,$fn=100);
// shaft
difference() {
translate([0,0,63]) cylinder(162,12.5,12.5,$fn=100);
translate([0,0,227]) #rotate ([90,0,0]) cylinder (h = 26, r=9.8, center = true, $fn=100);}

Materials and methods

Print with whatever. I did .2 layer and I did make the wall pretty thick, believe it was 2mm and infill 40. on the remix I hope to have out soon, I may bump it up to 2.5-3.0mm when I print it.



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