anwofibot v2- a simple corexy printer

This is my first self build 3d printer. It uses an corexy belt mechanism for the xy axes. For the z-stage it uses a threaded spindle. The design was done entirely in openscad. The electronics is the standard ramps 1.4 board.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Update: In v2 i've redesigned some of the structural parts for better functionality. All parts are printed in PLA at 200 Β°C with 25 % infill, 0.4 mm nozzle.

Update 2: I've added bot.scad containing most of the printable parts. It will be completed soon.

Update 3: I've added bot.scad containing all of the printable parts in parametric format. Also i've changed the z-stage holder as the old model wasn't rigid enough and had too much bow.

The next step will be dual extrusion, raspberry pi + octopi print server and webcam for even more fun :)

I'm also planning on adding an heating chamber for better printing of ABS and HIPS.

Materials and methods

12 30 mm aluminium extrusions, 40 cm length
1 30 mm aluminium extrusion, 33.5 cm length
2 8 mm shafts 34 cm length
2 12 mm shafts 34 cm length
1 30mm linear rail (width 10 mm)
4 m gt2 belt
1 filament threaded bolt
4 nema 17 steppers
8 idler pulleys gt2
2 pulleys gt2 5 mm bore
1 e3d v5 hotend from china :p + heating cartridge + thermistor
1 ramps 1.4 + 4 stepper drivers + glcd
1 8mm shaft coupling
1 igus threaded spindle 12 mm
1 igus threaded nut
3 microswitches
1 m 8 mm teflon tube
1 12V power supply 400 watt
1 sheet of acrylic 46 cm x 40 cm

various cables, screws and nutstones
(i've used this extruder:
cable clips
spool holder
nema motor .scad file
fan duct
total cost approx. 300-400€



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