Arcade Joystick Tops Set 2 Plus Skirt/Disc replacement

Joystick Tops Set 2


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Here is my second set of replacement arcade joystick tops (and skirt) that I have designed to work with your standard Sanwa type joystick, that have a screw thread.

They are push on to fit and don't require screwing.

This set has more of an emphasis on BIG.
JST_BIGball (71x71 vs 35x35), JST_BIGdome being like the previous but cut into half and JST_capsule being like two normal ball tops stacked up. Also included is the biggest wave skirt which is a disc replacement but with more... flare.

I have tested them with a variety of different Sanwa clones and the fit varies but only a little, a first time fitting can be a little fiddly but they also don't come off easy so I see that as a good thing. Mind you don't trap your fingers between the top and your control board when the blighter suddenly drops on.

_4415H in the file name means: 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 15% infill & H is Hex infill.
_445L means: 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 5% infill and L is Line infill

I have designed more standard tops and intend to make more custom ones in time, please
consider supporting me on Patreon to unlock access to them:

I also have a Thingiverse page:

Here's a non-affiliate ebay link to the type of cheap and cheerful Sanwa clone I use:

Thanks for checking out my designs.
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Aquila X2


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Filament material:


Take care with how sticky the JSS_wave3 skirt can be on your print bed. I intend to test out some different methods, for example segmenting the underside of the base so it doesn't promote the suction cup effect big circular bases do.


  • Placeholder
    Jss Wave3 V14
    STL  β€“  22 kb
    Version 7 - Apr 17, 2022
    Updated on 17-04-2022
  • Placeholder
    Jss Wave3 V14 4415 H
    GCODE  β€“  970 kb
    Version 1 - Mar 17, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Bi Gball V15 4415 H
    GCODE  β€“  8.5 mb
    Version 1 - Mar 17, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Bi Gball V15 445 L
    GCODE  β€“  5.5 mb
    Version 1 - Mar 17, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Bi Gdome V16 4415 H
    GCODE  β€“  4.7 mb
    Version 1 - Mar 17, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Bi Gdome V16 445 L
    GCODE  β€“  3.2 mb
    Version 1 - Mar 17, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Capsule V09 4415 H
    GCODE  β€“  4.3 mb
    Version 1 - Mar 17, 2022


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