Arduino NANO mount holder, yet another

Yet another holder to mount an Arduino NANO on a wooden board



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You can mount your Arduino NANO on a wooden board with this holder and 4 screws.
It is good for soldered wirings.
You can push the reset button easily.
Easy access to the USB and ICSP connectors.

  • MD5 (nano.stl) = cd32ac80a7364ffb052e6f7725163548
  • MD5 (nano.FCStd) = 3ea33e5f942df58a75881e2bf1abb93b

nano.FCStd is source code made by FreeCAD 0.18.

Materials and methods

Build Plate Adhesion: Skirt
Infill: 30%
Filament: PLA
Supports: Yes. CURA can generate good supports.

Using your sharp OLFA, carefully remove the supports indicated in black color in the before/after picture.



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