Aria The Dragon

3D printed dragon I made from my first rigged model. Prints without supports. Sculpted in Blender


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"Aria is the daughter of Adalinda and her voice is as beautiful and magical. A kindly dragon, she sings to the land every spring, ensuring good weather and a bountiful harvest for those people and animals who share her kingdom".

This was a really difficult model to build.

I wanted to see if I could make a more delicate and "Pern-like" dragon than Adalinda and I built Aria in Blender. I also decided to rig her so I could experiment with poses and re-use the model if I wanted to. I should warn you that using rigged models isn't a case of "just pose and print" - any high resolution modelling will have to be completed after the pose is baked (I believe is the term) into the geometry. The temptation is to put your model into an elaborate pose but you will quickly find that the original idea is unprintable and you really have to work the angles to keep the look. I wanted to keep her crouching like a lizard would, rather than the Adalinda model which is sitting flat on the ground. However, to keep her support free, I wanted to keep her looking up - which I think gives her a gentle appearance.

I found this excellent dragon rigging and modelling tutorial series on Blender Cookie:

It is by David Ward and it free (yay!) and very useful but it doesn't cover 3D printing considerations (I was on my own there). Aria is my first rigged model and there is no way I would have progressed without the guidance from David's tutorial.

The style of Aria was also inspired by the fabulous dragon sculpture on the Dragon Bridge found in Ljubljana:

Aria's story is rather silly but a domestic party requested one. An uncharitable suggestion (from same party) has been made that Aria charms the land to ensure she has plenty of fat cows, pigs and sheep to eat:-)

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1648a0f959418ed8a67e4494215a3dd4?default=blank&size=40Kevinthefixer printed this ago
Carousel thumb loubiearia20220318
Printed on:
Ender 3 Pro
A lovely model. My better half wanted a dragon made with "irridescent" filament, I looked on Amazon and found this "ttyt3d" "shine true fast color change multicolored PLA" and she said yes, that's it. Printed with my standard settings, .4nozzle, .2layer, 205/65c no support and it came out great except that the default size didn't use enough filament; I wanted it to use all the pretty colors! So I printed it at 150% scale and it came out perfect, just had a single string between the wingtips, 3d printing doesn't get much better than that. We were both quite happy with the result, thank you Louise! I can't take credit for the long green neck that just turned gold as it turned into a head, just a happy accident; one would have to start the 150% print in the middle of the copper color to duplicate it, but that wouldn't be easy--what comes out of the printer is a different color than what goes in!
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45bffe87bd211750b9e27211b00a3194?default=blank&size=40Neville Lynch printed this ago
Carousel thumb aria the dragon
Printed on:
Creality Ender-3
Awesome result with default Standard Cura Profile. Minor Stringing between the tips of the wings, but both easy to fix and I'm still tuning the profile as the printer is new.
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8047442d99be0b7ceee7367a888b5ffa?default=blank&size=40Errol commented ago

Beautifully made can you remember how much filament it used. it's just that I still have a small quantity of gold filament left and this looks like a great project

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Mini title slideErin printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 5736
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
This printed beautifully. I think I like this one even better than the bronzy/brown one I did first. This is in Faberdashery Space Marine, printed at 210, sliced in Cura on a UM2.
Great design!
Mini title slideErin printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 5713
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
This printed fantastic! I let it run on it's own overnight and came back to a gorgeous print. 210 C, sliced in Cura, on my Ultimaker 2, .15 layer height.
Fantastic design.
Mini title slideErin commented ago

I left this print printing when I left my office earlier. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It was looking really good when I left! I love that it's designed to print so well without supports.

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Mini 11057833 10205150850983298 7533873342818848068 ndavid ganon printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 20150405 153449
Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
half 0.03 res. half "on fire" look
Mini lunamoth4rp10007 printed this ago
Carousel thumb p1050584
Printed on:
Half scale, still came out pretty well
A5f36caa0f9e18b4d69499ee21b08f0a?default=blank&size=40John Penney printed this ago
Carousel thumb image
Printed on:
Da Vinci 1.0
Using medium quality settings. Result is pleasing for abs.
Test print of an object that is challenging to print, with fine detail and overhangs. Pretty happy with the result.
Da1ba0af778bf02d92f1e7dfcbab12e3?default=blank&size=40Rigid3D printed this ago
Carousel thumb 20150107 154515
Printed on:
F25aa7a1f65408a570c23d8ba7cdde84?default=blank&size=40exilaus printed this ago
Carousel thumb 20141228 103213
Printed on:
Makible - A6 HT Acrylic with heat bed
6cm tall 0.2 layer abs
Mini profile image mediumRichard Horne printed this ago
Carousel thumb aria richrap print 002
Printed on:
RepRap - Darwin
It turned out nice, A fantastic model, well designed and easy to 3D print (FFF/FDM)
That is a massive list of 3D printers Youmagine - Why is there not a selection for Experimental RepRap - Most of them are :) Anyway this was printed on an experimental new RepRap 3D Printer, but it should print on almost any well tuned machine. Thank You Louise - My Kids Love Aria the Dragon.
Mini meLouise Driggers published this design ago