Battery-powererd Bluetooth Audio Amplifier - packs a punch!

A wireless Bluetooth amplifier that doesn't include speakers - add your own to taste!


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    This design is right for you if you want to enjoy wireless music but aren't happy with how Bluetooth boomboxes sound or simply prefer making your own things (i do, too!)

    This efficient amplifier box is powered by the common Sony NP-F compatible LiIon batteries and pumps out 15W of audio goodness to each of the two stereo speakers! Connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device and you'll be ready for literally days of music playback from a single battery.

    Showcase and electrical wiring:

    Materials and methods

    Here's what you'll need:

    - Both printed parts
    - 2 M3x8 to M3x12 bolts, cap head, pan head or similar
    - 4 M3x12 to M3x20 bolts, cap head, pan head or similar
    - Bits of jumper wire
    - Drill (optional)
    - A pair of speakers
    - Any Bluetooth-equipped device that can play music

    - Amplifier board
    - Boost converter
    - Bluetooth receiver (get the ones that look like USB flash drives)
    - LED voltmeter
    - Speaker Terminal (might not be the exact one)
    - Batteries & Accessories
    - Smaller compatible batteries
    - 2.6mm plugs (not sure where else to find them - let me know if you have a source!)

    Remove the miniature plugs from their housing and make sure they fit their holes. If not, widen the holes in the printed part with a drill. Solder bits of jumper wire into their ends and use some super glue to fix them in place. You can use a NP-F battery to guide them to their final position!
    Route the wires into the enclosure and wire up the components as seen in the video. The speaker terminal screws in with the two shorter screws to the side, the two case parts match up with the longer ones. If threading the screws into the plastic is too hard, use a M3 tap or a slightly larger drill to prepare the holes.
    Make sure none of the components short out each other and use Kapton or electrical tape to insulate them.



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    Is it just me or does the Amp Case Top have 4 tiny floating blocks beneath the 4 tabs for the battery catch?

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    This is really cool. I had no idea stereo amplifier boards were so relatively inexpensive. Great project and Great Idea!

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