Bearing extractor

A tool to extract bearings from v-slot wheels with no effort and without damaging either the wheel or the bearing.

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It is formed by 2 printed parts, 2 nuts, 2 washers and one screw.
One of the printed part are 2 parts interlocked and printed in one go. They have to be separated after printing with s small pressure.
There is a video about it.

Materials and methods

The extractor has 8 elements:

3 elements are printed (2 of them are printed together and unlocked after printing, the third element is the knob) ,
1 flat conical screw m 2.5, 16mm long at least
2 lock washers (diameter 4.8mm aprox, less than 5mm and more than 4.5mm)
2 nuts m 2.5.
After printing the main module it has to be unlocked with a small presure in the inside of the cilinder until the second part gets free movement but without breaking it outside, they must remian interlocked. Then comes the flat conical screw with the 2 lock washers and the nut keeps them from falling. The knob gets fixed to the remaning part of the screw with the other nut.

It is convenient to enable supports everywhere in Cura.
The main module has two interlocked pieces that get printed together. It is necessary to unlock them to get it working. A small pressure in the inside of the cilinder will break the bonds and allow free movement of the two elements (they keep interlocked).



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