Belt Geared UM2 Feeder Upgrade

A 1.8:1 Belt Geared Feeder Upgrade for the Ultimaker 2 feeder.

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This is a bolt-on upgrade for the UM2 with a belt-drive, it does increase the pushing power of the relatively weak UM2 Feeder motor, and also remove the thermal coupling between the feeder motor and the knurled bolt, since it has been shown that excessive temperatures at the bolt caused by high current can decrease the performance of the feeder.

It functions as a gearbox that moves the knurled bolt a few centimeters outwards and upwards, and provides a new nema17 hole pattern which means that it will work with any feeder that is designed for the standard feeder position at the UM2, including the IRobertI feeder and the original UM2 feeder, it gives you a gearing of 1.8:1 and removes almost all thermal coupling between the motor and the knurled bolt.

The only change needed to use this geared feeder upgrade is to change steps per mm in Marlin to the original value times 1.8, thats it!

You need to print one base, one plate and two washers.

Also included in the files are a Bearing Carrier to be able to use MF105 (5x10x4mm) bearings instead of the MF695 (since i only had MF105 bearings at home while building the prototype)

If you are to use it with the |Robert| V2 feeder, it is recommended to print the feeder mirrored, that way it will not interfere with the original spool holder, this requires you to also change the direction of the feeder in the firmware. This change also have a the added feature of lowering the friction slightly in the bowden tube since the knurled surface of the filament will be on the inside instead of the outside of the bowden tube's curve.

Materials and methods

- 2pcs MF695/F695 flanged bearings
- 1pcs 5x40mm cylindrical pin
- 1pcs 20T GT2 Pulley with 5mm bore
- 1pcs 36T GT2 Pulley with 5mm bore
- 1pcs 55T (110mm) GT2 Belt Loop



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Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Pretty impressive
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Meduza Hello! The timing belt and pulleys and bearings where you bought them ??? Thank you ! Alex Elvis3D

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@kochmi: That should be the correct value to change, are you sure that you compiled and uploaded the firmware to the board? If you connect to the printer over USB and send a M503, what values does show under M92?

Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

@Roland Benner: I have added a text suggesting using a reversed IRobertI feeder to fit the spool.

Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

@reibuehl: It seems like F695 and MF695 bearings have the same outer dimensions, so they should work just fine.

And yes, all pulleys should be with 5mm bore, i will add this to the BOM.

Mini reiner 001 2Reiner Bühl commented ago

One more question: Would F695 ball bearings also work as MF695 seem to be very hard to source?

Mini reiner 001 2Reiner Bühl commented ago

The GT2 pulleys are available in 5mm and 8mm bore versions. I assume both need to be 5mm versions, correct?

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Mini koch036 kleinMichael Koch commented ago

Hi Meduza,

I built your feeder and it really works perfectly!

How can I adjust the feedrate in the firmware? I tried to change (double) the value for "steps per mm" in Ultimaker2Marlin-16.03 firmware:

define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {80,80,200,564}

Where 564 is the double value.

This has absolutely NO effect.

What do I do wrong?

Thanks a lot for a short advice!

Best regard


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Mini geebeeRoland Benner commented ago

Hi Meduza,

this gearbox is really fantastic.

I use 2 of them because of my dual head.

The gearbox is 2cm high, to avoid collision with spools I had to swap left and right hand feeders. Load spring and lever open/close looking to outside now.

That's amazing, because I found that the knurled relief on the filament is looking to inside of the bowden, tha t reduce the friction in the Bowden.

Of course I had to reverse feeder in firmware.

Thank you


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