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Better fan duct for Electron3d Prusa i3 printer

This is meant to be a direct replacement for the kit fan duct, blowing air all around the nozzle. The default dimensions are for my setup (homemade heater block and nozzle), but I'm including the scad file, so one could change it for other mounts / sizes, if needed.

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Edited to add an improved version (after some tests) + a variant with built-in support for people stuck with Cura.

If you got suckered by the 3dprintersonlinestore fake sale and bought one of these, the fan-duct-flavour-of-the-week they provide is generally pretty inadequate: far away from the nozzle, blowing from one direction so air might not get to the far side of the print.

Print Instructions

You will need support for the bracket.

I printed mine out of PLA, 190 degrees, 60% infill (there's not much of it), 0.8mm wall thickness (to match the model), 50mm/s, with support ("touching buildplate" in Cura)

I guess Colorfabb XT or ABS might be more advisable as they take heat better, but I have no ABS and XT is so damn expensive and I was just experimenting... anyway, the thing has been in use for hours without an issue.

As a side note, cura's support structures are atrocious, maybe a better slicer would be advisable (or one could separate the bracket from the duct, devise a way to clip them together and print them separately...)

Materials and methods

- printed fan duct
- 51mm blower (comes with the printer)
- 2 M3x20 screws (come with the printer)



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Why my fan never comes on? Only when I pre heat it.

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Printed on:
Geeetech I3 X Prusa
Turned out Fantastic!
It does not actually fit My Geeetech as is but I am working to modify it. I know it will work well for me in the end! Thanks for the great Design and your hard work. Dave
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