Beyond UMO - UM2 Slideblocks

Fast-Swap Slideblocks for UMO to go UM2 - Inspired and based on Twisterblocks by Chopmeister

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Update 11/01/16
Added a working version of UM3 slideblocks for 608T long belts. Tested, works. Not for newbs =)

Update 20/11/16
Added a thinner slideblocks that can be used even on a um2 and even um3, ofc it doesn't make sense to change the belts on a um3, but I wanted to test how thin the design could be. They use M3 12mm screws and they leave the maximum print area available.

Also tested the long um2 shafts and while the screw system I designed to hold the shafts is a bit overkill, it works (but isn't easy to fix the shafts at all), but overall, it works.

Update 24/08/16
Uploaded the V4, hopefully final version. Been using it for a month on 2 machines and it's working perfectly. V3 had a few silly mistakes.
- Part untested yet, attaching um2 shafts. I have moved the Z endstop to the bottom (check my other designs) so to finish the total transition from umo+ to um2 style it just need a small adapter to change X/Y endstop placement, but I'm not sure yet if only X or both.

Update 19/05/16:
Added V3 of the slideblocks. Muuch improved umo shaft grip, and fixed some stuff with the bottom slideblock.
V3 now has improved the GT2/MXL belt grip and now it has a hole for M3x10mm screw to 'Grip' the um2 shaft. It's very important to 'mark' the holes before assembling everything with a screw or with a m3 cap (if you use pla with a screw it's very easy and fast to do).

I'm running with this with a um2 hotend with umo shafts and it's printing just fine. BUT THIS IT'S an unfinished design (that's why the lack of instructions). So I'll keep updating it.

I have not tested it yet with um2 shafts. But after doing basic test's to really use more print area on UMO+ the x/y endstops must be moved to a different location on the printer, pretty much to the same position that the um2 uses. That also means that to use the bigger print area this need's custom firmware, or @Amedee builder ttp:// using x/y inverted probably. BUT I haven't tested that path yet since that requieres much more time. So far umo shafts have a perfect grip with the addon and it's printing nicely.

AFAIK it grabs the shafts with the perfect amount of force, but if your hotend falls it's not on me ! :D For any questions drop a msg here or on ultimaker forums.

Neotko / sugarpop! store

Design Based on the original STEP files of the slideblocks of UM2 and Greatly based on the fantastic Twisterblocks by Chopmeister

Materials and methods

For UMO with standard x/y shafts
- x2 m3 20/25mm screws for each slideblock (20mm for bottom slideblock it's mandatory or will Hit the Z long rods)
- x2 m3 nuts for each slideblockr
- x2 m3 16-20mm screw for each umo shaft adapter
- x2 m3 nuts for each umo shaft adapter

When assembling it it's very important to keep a good sandwich between the parts (when using the umo shafts adaptor) so when the screws go in they don't push the parts.

VERY IMPORTANT, for the gt2/mxl belt grip to have the holes pre-marked with a screw or with a m3cap, so the assembly will be much easier.

ALSO: I have not tested the MXL belt grip, it should work, but I don't use anymore mxl on any of my machines.

For UMO with UM2 shafts
- x2 m3 14-16 for each slideblock
- x4 m3x10mm for each belt grip to 'grip' the um2 shafts. Screw them after assembling the gt2/mxl grip.



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Mini ataraxis glow bigataraxis commented ago

hey neotko! have you ever thought about including the spring-tension-mechanism - which you already discussed about a while ago here:

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B6eba3df5d93f69957fdc37480e110e0?default=blank&size=40qwerty8224 commented ago

Excellent vesh. My printer started to print even better. Thank you!!! You have amazing details.

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Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

V3 uploaded. Grip on umo shafts after a week test it's flawless. New um2 grip system (with m3x10 inside the belt grip part) seems to work quite well but I haven't test it yet. So far that's the last part to test to call it 'ok'.

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Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

Deto, I just got some time to check my 3d simulation and indeed the x stop won't work by default without gripping the endstop with one screw and tilting it. For me that's ok, but I think I'll design an adapter so the endstop hits even when using the um2 shafts.

Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

Thanks Deto. One of my umo+ just half died so I'll start to dissasemble it to install this mod in the next week.

A930f864e1072345a653793225a630d2?default=blank&size=40Deto commented ago

Printed one real quick, does seem to have a tighter grip. Still seems to be a bit to easy to pop it out though. Dont have time to do a real test at the moment, maybe in the weekend I can try it.

Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

Deto, I uploaded a beyond-umoshaft-sideblocks-shaftholderV2 This has a more tight fix on the standard shafts. I think...

Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

I was afraid of that when I did the addon. The easiest think to do its a double clamp that encloses the short shafts. Without changing the other parts. The endstop I only did basic test but since there's room to make a bigger endstop attached to the nuts I'll do that. Thanks!

A930f864e1072345a653793225a630d2?default=blank&size=40Deto commented ago

I like the design though Im not sure its gonna work with the short shafts even with a tighter clamp, the sliders tilt a bit because the load is on the side, but maybe .. not sure :)

Will probably try it again with longer shafts when I can get some.

And the short endstop attaches just fine, its just that it should be on the other end of the blocks :D

Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

Oh men you are totally right the holder for standar shafts doesn't have the inner more close gap of 0.3-0.5 to ensure a firm clamp. That gap it's on the slideblocks but not on the adapter... /selffacepalm

Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

Also thanks for testing!

Mini logo neotkoNeotko / Sugarpop! commented ago

Oh weird. Maybe the clamp area it's too small for a secure clamp on standard shafts. I will design a different adapter for standar shafts and the endstop the small on don't works? I'll make a new one. But untill the weekend I'm full of to-do stuff.

A930f864e1072345a653793225a630d2?default=blank&size=40Deto commented ago

Tried these with standard x/y shafts - didnt have much luck width it. The shafts were too loose, it wont fall but wiggles during print. Oh and missing X endstop :D attaching it like on the picture doesnt work for x-axis.

Would probably work fine with the longer shafts I think

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