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Bike pedal

Open source bike pedal that passes CEN Standard



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This bike pedal design that can be printed from PLA for less than commercial bike pedals - while weighing significantly less - passes the CEN racing standard -- for full test results see: Tanikella, N.G., Savonen, B., Gershenson, J., Pearce, J.M. (2017). Viability of Distributed Manufacturing of Bicycle Components with 3-D Printing: CEN Standardized Polylactic Acid Pedal Testing. Journal of Humanitarian Engineering 5(1), 8-17. open access https://www.academia.edu/33287420/Viability_of_Distributed_Manufacturing_of_Bicycle_Components_with_3-D_Printing_CEN_Standardized_Polylactic_Acid_Pedal_Testing

The pedal was 3-D printed on a commercial RepRap and tested following the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standards for racing bicycles for 1) static strength, 2) impact, and 3) dynamic durability. The results show the pedals meet the CEN standards and can be used on bicycles. The 3-D printed pedals are significantly lighter than the stock pedals used on the Black Mamba, which provides a performance enhancement while reducing the cost if raw PLA or recycled materials are used, which assists in reducing bicycle costs even for those living in extreme poverty.

Original design by Nagendra Tanikella.

Materials and methods

See paper for printing details.



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