Bondtech Extruder

A new powerfull extruder for 3D printers with great pushing power and reduced risks for filament grinding. The double drive wheels gives an excellent grip of the filament without deforming the filament as with standard spring loaded bearing type extruder.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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I have been involved into 3D printing for the last 2 years and one of the biggest problems are related to the material feeding. Todays extruders that uses one driven wheel with a spring loaded bearing that pushes the filament against the drive wheel. 

This method has some disadvantages as

- Low pushing force
- Risk of grinding the filament that leads to a failed print
- Slipping that leads to underextrusion
- Deforming the filament that leads to increased friction in the bowden tube.

The new Bondtech extruder uses 2 drive wheels that are equipped with sharp teeths that grab the filament on both sides wich gives a lot of advantages over the standard extruders. Some of the most important ones are the following.

- Huge pushing power that elliminates the risk of under extrusion, tests have
  verified that it is over 9 kg with a 1.75 mm filament.
- Minimal risk for filament grinding
- Possible to go high speed due to the big the pushing power, tests have been
  made with 250 mm/s printing with 0.4 mm nozzle and with no filament grinds.
- Possible to go with small nozzles 
- High torque Nema17 stepper with a high precison planetary gearbox gives
  high resolution and fast retracts.
- Adjustable secondary drive wheel to optimize grip.
- Easy access to drive wheels for cleaning

A walkthrough of the design by Eric Lien:

The extruder in action:

In a few weeks time I will be able to provide kits with the metal parts and also professional 3D printed SLS parts for the housing components. The current version supports only 1.75 mm filament but a 3.0 mm version are in development.

Materials and methods

- 1 x Front housing
- 1 x Rear housing
- 1 x Logo plate
- 1 x Nema 17 with 5:1 planetary gearbox
- 1 x Bondtech large drive wheel
- 1 x Bondtech small drive wheel
- 2 x 5x10x4 ball bearing
- 2 x MC6S M3x16 socket screws
- 2 x MC6S M3x40 socket screws
- 2 x M4 nuts for securing bowden tube
- Bowden tube 4x2.0 mm



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Are the metal parts available somewhere?

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What about flexible filaments? Do they feed through without assistance or is it necessary to open it up to start the feed (through the bottom part)? How can you tell if they start jamming up inside?

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