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Box for ultrasonic sensor with Arduino Nano

Designed for a 2016 FIRST robot, this holds an ultrasonic sensor


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This thing plugs into the external electronics port on the RoboRio, but it could talk to about anything including a PC on the Nano's USB port. It just needs +5, ground, and a TTL level serial connection (UART.RX on the RIO port). The code is a straight ripoff of the sample in the NewPing library, which also fully documents how to wire the whole thing up.
One of the photos shows the little prototyping board that I used to hold the connector to the RIO. Be sure to insulate that well, as it's going directly to the data bus on the RIO; if it shorts out, you may have a not-good day.  I'm planning on either smothering it in hot glue or if time permits, making a 3D printed box with a handle to facilitate removal from the RIO.

The box is made from my generic PCB box SCAD, with extra thick walls (4mm).  I hope this is rugged enough to stand up to FIRST competition conditions; it feels easily strong enough to park a car on top of without bothering it any.
The wires exiting the board are strain relieved with a simple knot and a 10-32 washer.

Materials and methods

- Standard ultrasonic sensor module
- Arduino Nano
- 4x #6x3/4" flat head wood screws
- 4x m1.8 x 10mm screws



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