Issue Outer Palm Urethane file is incorrect version... #2

Biogoly opened this issue on March 31, 2018 01:32

I guess no one has actually tried to make this thing yet? The outer-palm urethane STL is does not match the rest of the hand. I'm not sure if it's from newer version or a deprecated one, but it definitely does not fit with the other pieces. Please upload the correct file :) Thank you!


    D8ca6d420a762c77de52529cbf3e2398?default=blank&size=40Biogoly commented ago

    The outer-palm piece is very clearly 3D printed, you can see the layer lines in numerous photos of the hand. So, even if a mould is being used, an actual 3D printed object must have been used to make the mould...where is that file? It’s pretty disingenuous to list an object as “printable” when there are purposely missing pieces...which render it impossible to actually make.

    Mini ob logoOpen Bionics commented ago

    Unfortunately we haven't modelled the outer-palm urethane as the actual part is cast from a mould.

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