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Bullet bill by cereberus 333

a reuploaded pellet for the elastic powered pellet slinger


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cereberus 333 from thingiverse


• note as of December 30th 2018 the protest involving the bullet bill is itselt for nintendo based works only but this is not the end of this movement
As copyright as according to the university of deleware under us law
Patents do not cover 3 demensional works unless its a industrial design unless its used commercially https://m.all3dp.com/2/copyrighting-3d-models-how-can-i-protect-my-3d-printing-designs/
But how i see it if they do a industrial design that would be a sign of a new product

( below orginal)

i decided that as a result to protest the interlectual property misuse of Nintendo by of their lack of time between the article of allowing fan art long enough that their trademark rights were too late
Also to note this is meant for non commercial use thats in fair use due to free speech and peaceful assembly as under american and canadian law

  • as of november 18th 2018 its been republished in protest of those who use expired licenses , just as i asked by attorney assistant randal seminuk solely on expired trademarks ( he then noted not to worry about expired trademarks as the case would close due to rules of a expired trademark)

by downloading you agree you will be with ethics,with integrity,& be reasonable & you following all laws, all contracts including any terms of use agreements,& agree to only use this under fair use only & that includes not making a quick buck out of something thats not about money

note please also use the pellets provided as refills as required also i just tested a pellet from Cerberus 333 from thingiverse he designed the small part on the #thing:43882

"in 2014 nintendo for a short lived cause allowed fan art https://popgeeks.com/nintendo-officially-ok-fanart/ but then within around 4 years later banned the very thing they approved
https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=6b10788b-b7af-483e-abb2-65c22f5fd2d7 "

& this is just for this project i could not thank him enough & i wanted to credit him for the new novelty bullet pellets but this one you dont have to have it on a angle like the original bullet bill pellet but do scale it & it should be perfect
* note on update no problem or anything but i did find it better after i scaled the pellet to 10.37 mm x 10.37 mm x 17.69 mm

Materials and methods

* general purpose plastic at least 50% infill or higher at minimum ideally materials like poly carbonate , carbon fibre or glass fibre would be ideal
* the launcher https://www.youmagine.com/designs/elastic-powered-pellet-slinger
* some size 117B rubber bands
* some targets
*Warning follow your local laws and be civil with this, violent misuse is not acceptable



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@aliceTayor thank you so much , glad to have a loyal customer , i literally spent since around 2009 doing 3dprinting and within the last 3 months or less finally starting to pay off , also feel free to follow me on twitter @TimPatAlPostma

i am so grateful to have someone to openly comment their loyalty like that it really warms my heart

, i do what i can i also juggle a lot in the process like campus @stClaircollege and amoungst others the gym , personal projects , twitter , emails , etc and some days i dont have much time depending on the schedule until this December 2018 Tuesdays and wensdays are my busyiest , but i do what i can to contribute to 3dprinting , i also have been occupied while 3dprinting