Cable guard

Cable guard (or guide) of variable length.


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This is a cable guard (or guide) of variable length, it helps to reduce cable wear in linear movement applications.
All the parts click together and you can simply print as many middle sections as you need. There are three slots inside for the cables, 2 x 4.5mm and 1 x 8.5mm in the middle. The cable chain section is 30mm wide in the files

The example on the photos is printed in PLA on the UM2 and has 14 middle sections which makes it about 335mm long.

Materials and methods

- PLA (for 3D printing)


  • Placeholder
    Cable Chain
    DAE  –  150 kb
    Version 1 - Feb 04, 2015
    Updated on 04-02-2015
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    Cable Chain
    SKP  –  180 kb
    Version 1 - Nov 19, 2013
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    Cable Chain End
    DAE  –  120 kb
    Version 1 - Feb 04, 2015
    Updated on 04-02-2015
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    Cable Chain Start
    DAE  –  130 kb
    Version 1 - Feb 04, 2015
    Updated on 04-02-2015


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I've seen your work on YouMagine. they are very interesting. can put on my project ? they learn more people and it's fun.

good luck in your business!

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