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Test tube for 3D printer or new filaments.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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With small amount of filament used, you can test your 3D printer with the following features.
This cube includes features like small holes, troughs, crest, cylinders, and sphere.
You may understand the performance of your 3D printer or filament with comparison to our database.

Measuring size:
- X, Y, Z axis: 25mm
- Holes diameter: 10mm
- Trough: 20mm
- Crest: 20mm
- Cylinders: 10mm
- Sphere: 10mm

Printing information:
- Ambient temperature: 25 degree C
- Humidity: 52%
- Printer brand: Intamsys
- Printer model: Funmat HT
- Rafts: Yes
- Support: touching build plate only
- Resolution: X&Y: 12.25 micron, Z: 1.25 micron
- Infill density: 30%
- Layer thickness: 0.15mm
- Print speed: 60mm/s
- Nozzle temperature: 210 degree C
- Build plate temperature: N/A
- Chamber temperature: N/A
- Filament brand: Ngai Hing Hong Company Limited
- Material: PLA classic, 15g
- Color: Casual Brown
- Print time: 1h 46min

Suggested instruction for measurement:
You may measure each feature and input the data of 5 trials into the google form at the link provided below.

Please feel free to use our google form for calculation, calibration result after comparing with our database will be sent to the email provided within days after submission.



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