Issue Free Ringtones For Calls #1

Orla2 opened this issue on March 14, 2022 09:36

If you'd like to make your own free cell phone ringtone, there are several sources to choose from. One of the most popular is the Mob ringtone site, which offers a plethora of user-created mp3s. Although it doesn't have categories, you can browse by genre to find a ringtone you like. You can also listen to the preview of each song to hear if it's the right choice. Mob has iPhone and Android apps, making it easier to download ringtones to your device. On Android, you can download ringtones directly, while an iPhone user needs to use iTunes to transfer them to their device.

Ringtones are another great way to add some personality to your phone. There are many websites that allow you to create your own ringtones for free. For example, Tones7 lets you browse dozens of free cellular ringtones and add extra sounds, like your favorite band. Or, you can create your own ringtone by mixing and matching sounds from various sources. You can also make your own if you're into mixing and matching different sounds. A stripped-down version of Tones7 is Ringtone Maker. All you need to do is upload a sound clip, select the start and end time, and click on "Make Your Own" to create a ringtone.


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