Cellular Lamp

A big cellular thing designed by Nervous System. Use this as a lampshade for an LED light or as a sculpture.


Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike

Commercial use is not allowed, you must attribute the creator, you may remix this work and the remixed work should be made available under this license.

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Many people have printed our bracelets, so we decided to give you something bigger.

Here's the model on Cell Cycle:


To add light to the lamp, you can use any LED fixture you like. We like this one:


Materials and methods

- This model is optimized for a MakerBot Replicator. The bottom of the model is sliced off to make it completely flat, and the thinnest members of the structure have been thickened.
- Recommended printing settings:
- Shells: 3
- Infill: none
- Support: none
- Feed Rate: 40 or less



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Le débit correspond t'il à la vitesse d'impression ?

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A couple of errors, but otherwise looks good. I want limited to the size I could print it unfortunately!
make all of the bottom touch the bed, I found there is a slight raised bit and one of the printing problems was in that spot.
3229240fec671b6740abb62ae7ba6d7d?default=blank&size=40Joanne Hughes 🎮 printed this ago
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4th attempt, had to use a raft. It's OK, but failed in a couple of areas.
Perhaps make the base into a full circle?
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I've seen your work on YouMagine. they are very interesting. can put on my project elements3d.net. ? they learn more people and it's fun.

good luck in your business!

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Ultimaker 2 Extended
Printed PLA, 0.2mm layers, 40/hr, 0.6 nozzle. A lot of layering defects but the whole structure printed and it looks awesome. Of note, the print froze my UM2 extended+. The screen was unresponsive but the print finished and then the printer just froze in place until I turned it of. Haven't printed it a second time to see if it was just a fluke. Love this piece.
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Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
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