Chop's H3 Extruder Upgraded

This is a modified version of Chopmeister's H3 extruder

3D printer parts and enhancements

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    This is a modified-upgraded version of Chopmeister's H3 extruder

    It includes all the available upgrades, but the housing has been made to allow for a stable fixing of the necessary bearings and is compatible with the latest knurled bolt from ultimaker which allows for quick release.

    2 Bearings are necessary for this design to work and the gears have the same ratio as UMO standard gears, so there is no need to change the default e-steps value.

    Materials and methods

    Layer thickness for everything: 0.2mm

    Print the following parts at 100% infill:

    Small Gear, all three Idler parts, Bearing Holder, Bearing Axle, Fliplock and UM Mount.

    The rest can be printed at 25%.

    Print the Fliplock very slowly, otherwise the round parts will sag too much.

    Other than printed parts you will need:
    2x 608ZZ bearings
    1x 61801 bearing (OD 21mm, ID 12mm, H 5mm)
    6x M3x20 bolts, countersink head
    2x M3x16 bolts
    4x M3x8 bolts, countersink head
    1x M3x30 bolts, countersink head
    3x wide M4 washers
    9x M3 nylock nut
    1x M4 bolt (some 15-20 mm longer than the spring you are using)
    1x M4 nylock nut
    1x M4 normal nut
    1x tension spring



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    Cb2c335b4ed490d8b1d828b9636077d8?default=blank&size=40airgraphix commented ago

    Hi I like themod you made to this but as reported one side is too shallow for the bearing so I have made it deeper, see here, all fits together really nice now.

    De8b8242f505f220068eab8906f969b6?default=blank&size=40Baron Alexander Von Ancillotti commented ago

    Hi RBRT, I haven't had the time to check it yet as I first need to find it and it seems to be "lost" on an external HDD. I will continue checking my disks and double-check it when i find it. Sorry for the delay man!

    Mini 3cbcd0cRBRT commented ago

    Did you find any issues with the design? My modification with the 2 washers seems to be working okay for the moment, the Ultimaker is being used in a Hackspace and several people have been able to use it without issues.

    De8b8242f505f220068eab8906f969b6?default=blank&size=40Baron Alexander Von Ancillotti commented ago

    Thanks RBRT for the information! I'm reviewing the files at the moment, I think I may have found the issue :)

    Mini 3cbcd0cRBRT commented ago

    This photo may help as well, it's the right hand bearing that sticks out a little. You can also see the washers I've used to shim it as well.

    Mini 3cbcd0cRBRT commented ago

    I didn't manage to take a photo of the issue and it's now fully assembled on the printer so it would be a bit of paint to take apart right now. I have however done a mock-up in OpenSCAD with the STL for Side_A and a cylinder representing the dimensions of the 608 bearing. It seems to stick up slightly which means that Side A and B don't fit together properly (once the key is in place) and it would also mean the idler bearing would collide as the gap between the 608 bearing is too small. Adding 2x M3 washers seemed to open up the gap enough. Let me know if you need more info.

    De8b8242f505f220068eab8906f969b6?default=blank&size=40Baron Alexander Von Ancillotti commented ago

    Hey RBRT, what exactly do you mean by shallow? Can you post a picture of the inner assembly?

    I'll then check and modify the part accordingly ;)

    Mini 3cbcd0cRBRT commented ago

    The feeder in action:

    Mini 3cbcd0cRBRT printed this ago
    Carousel thumb img 4791
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker - Ultimaker Original
    Printed perfectly fine with the settings in the instructions.
    The bearing slot in the Side-B part seems too shallow, I could not clamp the two sides together with the bearing in place, I had to stick 2x M3 washers between each of the 4 bolts holding the sides together to get it to work.
    3ba825d2bfe67939ce15e4b914f53e33?default=blank&size=40twstdpear added this to the 3D Printer collection ago
    De8b8242f505f220068eab8906f969b6?default=blank&size=40Baron Alexander Von Ancillotti published this design ago