Christmas tree with wooden base and LED lightning

Christmas tree that can either be used as a hangable ornament, or as a decorative with a wooden (or 3d printed) base and the option to put a 4.8-5mm Led into it.


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Christmas tree that can either be used as a hangable ornament, or as a decorative with a wooden (or 3d printed) base and the option to put a 4.8-5mm Led into it.

I decided to use walnut bases instead of 3d printed ones for better optics.

Materials and methods

Ornament version:
Just print the Tree_Ornament file and put a sting through the star if you want to have a hangable ornament.

For making the decorative with a base print Tree_forBase and the Base file. If you want an illuminated tree I recommend superglueing a LED into the tree and then sanding the LED flush. This way you get rid of the lens, so the beam angle gets wider and illuminates the tree better. Most LEDs will work fine with just a CR2030 coin cell, but you can add a 10 to 100Ohm resistor to make the LED a bit darker but last longer. For the LEDs with a higher forward voltage (green, pink) I used 10Ohms for the orange one 100Ohm. Add a switch if you have a small one, but it is not necessary. Glue the tree into the base and wire everything up, hotglue helps to keep the coin cell holder and resistor in place, and the Christmas tree is ready.


Just a bit of string for the ornament version.

Base version:
- superglue
- a 4.8-5mm LED of a colour of your choice
- CR2032 coin cell and a holder
- a 10 to 100Ohm resistor
- a tiny bit of wire
- hotglue, epoxy ore whatever other glue you want
- a flat file



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