ColorFabb Cannon

Old style Cannon design to be used with Bronzefill and Corkfill


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    Print off all the parts and connect together.
    Everything is push - fit so not glue should be required. To get good details on the barrel i suggest to print with a small nozzle like 0.25 or 0.3 and low layer height like 0.06 or 0.8mm

    Print list 
    - Barrel x 1 
    Corkfill: - Legs x 2 ( one needs to be mirrored ) - Wheel x 2 - Rear Brace x 1 - Front Brace x 1 - Wheel Retainer x 1 - Axil Pin x 2

    Dark Grey
    nGen or PLA:- Wheel Rim x 2 ( to be printed with 0.4mm nozzle no infill or top/bottm and spiralize turn on ) - Barrel Retainer x 2 - Barrel Adjuster x 1 ( has a small thread so low layer height and small nozzle recommended, Support roof 80% recommended ) - Adjuster Holder x 1 - Handle x 2 ( Support roof 80% recommended ) - Axil x 1 - Wheel Washer x 2 - Bolt - Short x 6 - Bolt - Long x 4

    Materials and methods

    Dark Grey nGen or PLA



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    Just love the cannon. Buying one on Amazon or eBay, made of metal and wood is too expensive. But for the weight, you can't tell the difference.

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    Where can I see the real prototype of this gun?

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    Thanks, For Information....

    Mini 2011 06 21 2019.55.47Labern commented ago

    It's like that so you can print with spiralize. You set it to one shell thickness and set infill to 0% and turn top/bottom off.

    1c14f8fc67b4995ef9b9dad7c22ce2d7?default=blank&size=40Joseph Bejm commented ago

    Why the Wheel Rim is a big solid disk? Am I missing something?

    Ff762073025f77b01805770aebb4aee8?default=blank&size=40JohnK printed this ago
    Carousel thumb img 3729
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
    Love it!!
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    6f2b2d5394be5f87191b456934330d07?default=blank&size=40Yvan Roy commented ago

    Okay, thanks for the reply. I'm looking for models I can make that are based on drawings so they are to scale. Yours still looks good though!

    Mini 2011 06 21 2019.55.47Labern commented ago

    It's not based on any particular cannon. I just looked at various cannons in Google images and just designed it in a way that I thought would look nice.

    6f2b2d5394be5f87191b456934330d07?default=blank&size=40Yvan Roy commented ago

    This is a very nice model! Could you tell what you based it on?

    Bfef7e5f037e1d35ed8a80702ede1387?default=blank&size=40baker32148 printed this ago
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    Printed on:
    Ultimaker 2
    Very Good
    Thank You For A Very Nice Model
    Mini 2011 06 21 2019.55.47Labern commented ago

    Looks Great

    8557ada5544a701ec028b537e23f2aa2?default=blank&size=40LiteSpec printed this ago
    Carousel thumb cannon
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
    Perfect! Love it!
    Thanks! :-)
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    Printed on:
    Da Vinci 1.0
    Printed it with ColorFabb CopperFill, CorkFill and silver PLA from FormFutura. A very nice model to combine different materials.
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