Corners for easy production of drawers

Print 4 corners for a drawer

For your home

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There are lots of correct ways of creating small drawers for organising all your junk :)
If you know your way around woodworking tools and have a table saw you can combine 3D printed corners with regular woodwork.
These corners have a small radius on the outside, giving your drawers some depth, instead of a flat plane front.
The corners will mount flush with a 5mm thick wooden wall, 40mm or 60mm height, so either use a sheet of 5mm plywood, or make the sidewalls yourself with a tablesaw.

Materials and methods

I printed mine in Colorfabb XT and superglued the wooden sides and bottoms, print with 3 walls and 30-50 infill or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Sofar i've created 24 drawers of 100*160mm and 40mm deep, and aiming for total OCD (meaning I make a drawer for every uniqe tool or device I have and label that drawer)



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