Issue Reduce meat consumption #9

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Avoid eating red meat and too much of chicken. Fish is fine, as it is very high protein. Other meats are not as easy to digest. Ever notice how doctors advise certain patients to stop consuming non-vegetarian food? Ever notice how many people, as they advance in age, choose to give up meat? That's because these people's systems can no longer take so much meat. The human body was not built to consume flesh, which is why humans ultimately have to switch to shakahari food. A cow will starve to death in a grassless land, but will not eat meat, and a lion will die of hunger, but will not feed on grass. Why? Nature has made the lion a meat-eater. He has well-developed canines, and a 'short' long intestine to quickly expel meat before it develops toxins. Humans on the other hand have extremely poorly developed canines, appropriate for chewing vegetables, not for tearing flesh. In addition, they have 'long' long intestines, rendering it impossible (unless you have a bad stomach) to expel the meat before it goes bad in the body and starts spreading toxins. His Secret Obsession Review


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