Death Metal Rocktopus

Keep your party rocking with this hardcore octopus. My entry into a contest to win a 3D Printer.


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Update Feb 2015: Youmagine has a file upload issue at the moment. As such I cannot post design files or high resolution STLs.

Before you read any further, put this song on in the background. \m/ ('o') \m/ 

Lulzbot had a contest ( to promote their brand new 3D printer, the mini ( Seems to be quite capable and affordable machine packed in a portable size. I thought their #rocktopus design was pretty rocking, but I wanted to turn the volume up to 11, so here is my entry into the contest to hopefully win said printer :)

I spent one Saturday learning MeshMixer and making this design. This work was made possible by several lovely (and publicly available) designs:
    Beefy Arm Starter Kit by atartanian (
    Horned Skull by Kenny_Ganya (
    Mockingbird Guitar by guilherbot (
    Rocktopus by Kent Johnson ( which incorporates:
        Sign of the Horns by dietz1 (
        Bucket O' Octopi by yeoldebrian (

MeshMixer ( is a pretty fantastic piece of software. Cannot believe that I've hardly used it in my past two years of 3DP adventures when it is free software! The support generation utility is a must use feature. I cannot wait until smart support structures like this are standard and automatic component of slicer software.

License: CC BY-SA 4.0 (

Rock On!



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Printed on:
wanhao duplicator i3 plus
The guitar ended up a bit messy. Probably because I selected a small size for the model with the standard 0.4mm nozzle. Printed with the Mark II edition of WanHao Duplicator i3 Plus using standard PLA temperature settings and Prima Select Silver (just gray) PLA.
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Printed on:
Ultimaker - Ultimaker Original
Looks great
#Rocktopus went on a vacation. Apparently he already knows how to snowboard!
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